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Introductory Kit SNEHA

Introductory Kit includes (3) Master Sets with ten cards each and (3) Stickers: Ask for Help in English/Spanish, COPE HOPE in English

  • Master Set contains 1O cards with 8 coping skills : (2) breathing, (2) grounding, (1) movement, (1) muscle relaxation, (1) drawing, (1) feeling identification, (1) psychoeducation and (1) support seeking. Title card with instructions included. For coping skills training and crisis-trauma intervention. For tips on using, visit How it Works. Bi-lingual - one side English, one side Spanish.
  • Master Set cards are 4 x 6, glossy finish, rounded corners (not shown). Each set is individually packaged in clear, sealed envelopes. Supplies needed: Draw to Cope card requires paper & crayon or pencil.
  • Ask for Help stickers promote support seeking.COPE HOPE sticker promotes a range of coping skills. Stickers are 4 x6 with permanent adhesive backing, glossy finish, and square corners. For tips on using, visit How it Works.
  • Delivery: 1-2 weeks
  • Limit of 2 Introductory Kits per customer
  • Please note: Master Sets are sold in packs of 25 or more; Stickers are sold in packs of 100 or more